Why Choose Real Nutrition Co?

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Credible Science - Safe and effective nutrition trusted by professional athletes and everyday active people.  The Real Nutrition Co products are formulated in line with current scientific research and provide active ingredients in levels shown to work by science.  Our team of nutrition and sports industry experts have years of experience and up to date knowledge  of what works and what is safe to use,  all our products are developed with effectiveness and safety at the top of the list.

Awesome Taste - Delivering an optimum levels of premium ingredients is only half of it, we then spend months in the R&D lab making them taste awesome!  We put all our products through taste panels of different ages and sports nutrition usage levels including ourselves!  Gone are the days where taste should be sacrificed for content with the Real Nutrition Co you get both.

Simple to choose - We aim to have one stop product for each key training and body image goals alongside general usage protein products to support your daily diet.   Our Muscle Shakes products are “all in one” goal based solutions combining full servings of many supplements like protein & creatine. So if you want to build muscle, size, strength and power or get leaner and more defined we have a safe clear to understand multi supplement for the job.

Quality & Packaging - as a premium brand consistently and quality are a promise. We source only the highest quality proteins and ingredients and all our powders are blended in GMP facilities to ensure an accurate serving blend of all ingredients. We also take the unique step of offering all our powder products in single serve sachets. Sachets are a very conveinient way of taking your nutrition with you, at work or in your gym bag and the extra level of safety reduces the risk of contamination for athletes concerned about doping.  

Manufacturing & Safety - All our products are manufactured to ISO9001, IFS and BRC standards (basically the best manufacturing facilities possible!).  We label all our ingredients and the levels they contain.  All products are subject the strict quality assurance and safety tests before they hit the shelves, we only use ingredients that have scientific research to prove they work!