About Us

We are a sports nutrition company with a difference. We understand that protein shakes and fitness supplements don’t just need to work: they need to taste awesome! This is why our whey protein and nutrition products don’t just taste unbelievable, but deliver the results you’re craving.

  • We are dedicated to using safe, scientifically proven ingredients.
  • We formulate our products in line with scientific research.
  • We guarantee supreme quality.
  • Products underpinned by nutritionists and sports industry experts.

All Real Nutrition products are formulated with you in mind. After all, not every fitness fanatic is working towards the same goal. Our stock is specially designed to help customers reach specific targets and achieve peak fitness:

  • Whey protein and muscle shakes for bulking up and building strength
  • Protein shakes for weight loss, a lean physique and optimum recovery.
  • Sports nutrition supplements and gels.

We are dedicated to our customers, which is why we started Team RNC. This invitation-only group of brand ambassadors is made up of athletes and fitness enthusiasts who are dedicated to their training. For them, constantly having the right sports nutrition to hand means the difference between smashing their workout and losing shape. To help keep them at the top of their game, we treat Team RNC ambassadors to:

  • Discounted products.
  • Unique benefits, like merchandise.
  • Special privileges, including the opportunity to represent Real Nutrition at events.

If you’d like more information about Team RNC or the Real Nutrition range, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. And in the meantime, take a look around!